Wills and Estates Disputes

Our estate litigation services include:

  • Defending or challenging a Will in cases of invalidity of a Will due to alleged incapacity, undue influence, duress or fraud (solemn form application);

  • Defending or challenging a Will to seek additional provision for a potential beneficiary (family provision application);

  • Estate related equity and trust claims;

  • Establishing testamentary intention (S18 Succession Act 1981);

  • Court ordered Wills (S21 Succession Act 1981);

  • Construction of Will applications;

  • Unusual and complex Probate applications;

If you need assistance or clarification in any of these areas please contact Louise Atherton on T (07) 3720 9777 F (07) 3871 1126 or M 0410 061 579 or Alex Hams on M 0431 522 778.